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door county entertainment

Back to School Playlist

By Grace Johnson
The transition from summer to fall for me doesn’t bring forward thoughts of leaf piles, pumpkin carving or strolls through the ever-changing leaves.


By Kathleen Maci
2:30 am — I am startled awake by an audible flutter near my head. As I turn on the lights I am horrified to see two small bats in a flying frenzy. I quickly grabbed my iPad and ran in the bathroom,

Back to Class

Gibraltar Talks presents “School Days”
Door County schools today are considered small, but there was a time when county schools were much smaller. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, students were taught in one-room schools.

International Trio of Songs

After a successful May tour in Belgium with their Centennial Commissions Concert Series, the Pro Arte Quartet will perform on Sept. 12 at Woodwalk Gallery.

Five Interns, Seven Questions

By Robert Boles, Co-artistic Director, Third Avenue Playhouse
This summer at the Third Avenue Playhouse we have had the pleasure of welcoming five college interns into our artistic family. We asked them to fill you in on their summer experience at TAP.

Battling the Elements

The benefits of fall golf
By Sean Zak
It’s getting to be that time of the year. That time when fall creeps in on summer, not wholeheartedly, but sparingly, with highs temperatures of 65 every so often.
September 2014
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Name all five Cosby kids. (Extra credit if you can name the actors who played them)....more»

Congratulations to Sarah Miller

Summertime Restaurant
Her name is Sarah Miller and she works at the Summertime, where you can eat steaks and great sandwiches and it’s all very sublime. She’ll keep your drink filled and your mood extra light, ...more»

Overheard & Pet Peeves

Are there tid-bits of conversations you’ve heard while standing in line at the grocery store, serving a table, or walking down the sidewalk that make you smile, cringe or laugh out loud? ...more»

Manners Matter

Mary Pat
Dear Mary Pat, We share season tickets to the Packer games with our good friends, the Parcheses. One year we take the first, third, fifth games, etc...and they take games two, four, six and eight....more»


Big storms on the night of September 4 caused little lakes to appear in yards, roadsides and parking lots — Mark Schuster and Vanessa Wylie of Bay Shore Outfitters made the most of it by riding ...more»

The Cheese Insider

Seven styles of cheese
Michael C. Thomas
Understanding the texture of cheese is an important way to recognize its flavor profile and taste qualities. The spectrum goes from fresh cheese with soft texture to hard cheese with more salt and often ...more»

Salt and Apples

Jim Lundstrom
One four-letter word on the label of this beer made me pick it up: salt. I had never before seen a brewery list salt as an ingredient of beer, but I had also never heard of the ancient German beer style ...more»
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